The Zippo

December 3, 2010

And so it begins.  My writing, that is.  In an effort to write more, I may turn to this as a sort of writing journal.  With finals coming up I doubt I’ll be writing much in the next week, but afterwards I would like to say that I’m going to write a lot.  We’ll see how that goes.

The idea at the moment is one I’ve toyed with, but it finally hit me as an actual idea for a story.  By toying with it, I mean that the notion or general concept had crossed my mind, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that it actually hit me as an actual story idea.  That epiphany-type of sensation as I was walking to the bookstore to kill time before what I thought was going to be discussion (there was none, and I wasted a whole hour waiting when I could have been at home).

The main characters are college students (or graduates… that detail is still being worked out), and they’ve come to the conclusion that their education or degrees are basically worthless, what with the economy and all.  Long story short, they turn to dealing drugs.  Small at first, but the idea I have is that it will grow and get larger and darker and seedier.  It’s not my usual type of story, either.  I mean, it is, in a way, but it’s vastly different from what I normally do.  Most of my stories revolve around someone dying and how people are impacted by that.  It’s similar in that it will be looking at someone’s internal struggle, and I suppose, to stretch the idea, that it’s about someone dying on the inside.  But I’m aiming for dark, hopeless, gritty, and depressing.  I have a general direction, but I want to see where this goes, in all actuality.

I have a couple of paragraphs that will probably get completely thrown out in a revision or two, but the point is to get words on paper, and that’s all I’m going for now.  The story will come when it wants to. I just have to write and revise until then.

Thought for the day: High School was driven by wanting to be cool.  But really being cool isn’t being cool at all, but just trying to be yourself without regard for what others think of you.  And not many people get to that point in their lives until college, or later.  This has probably occurred to people before, I’m sure, but it’s never explicitly come to me before today.  Random realizations keep me moving.

More later, as things get worked on.  Cheers until then.


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