April 28, 2010

First: New Deftones = amazing.  Here:

Second: An excerpt from the first draft of my short story due in a little under a week.

Memories flooded his thoughts, memories of he and Peters in Iraq.  Peters was the guy who always had a crazy question, and Tim didn’t mind trying to explain it to him.  One time Tim was sitting up in his bed, books taking up the extra space around him, studying cardiac disease for his Cardiology rotation that week.  It was five in the morning, and he hadn’t been to bed yet, when Peters came back off of a convoy.  He tossed his rifle on his bed and set down his Kevlar helmet as he stared at Tim.

“Hey, uh, Doc.  I got a question for you.”

“What’s up?” Tim said, not looking up from his books.

“So, I was wondering: what could you do for a guy who got his balls shot off? Like, really shot off.”

Tim looked at Peters over the top of his glasses as he thought about his answer.  After a few seconds he said quickly, “Hold pressure, try to pack what’s left with gauze.  Hope he doesn’t bleed out.  I mean, he probably lost his dick, too, if it isn’t just badly injured to start.”

Peters stared at Tim, his mouth open.  “That’s it?  No trying to reattach it? This guy isn’t going to be a guy anymore and you’re just gonna let that happen?”

“No, not at all.  But it’s not my place to put everything back together, assuming there’s anything to suture back in the first place.  Dude, look, I can’t give sutures while bouncing in the back of a Humvee in the dark.  Impossible.  And I’m more worried about him dying than about him losing his dick.  Life over limb, you know?  Besides, if it ever happens maybe you can, uh, ‘comfort‘ his girlfriend.”

“That’s fucked up, man.  What if it was me?”

“You’d be dickless, and I wouldn’t feel guilty at all.”  Tim tried to keep a straight face, but it wasn’t working.  He started laughing the longer he thought about Peters talking with a higher voice.  “Hah, you’d have to use the female latrines!”

It’s very rough, I know, but I happen to like the dialogue.  Then again, “Kill your darlings”.  We’ll see what becomes of it.


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