Characters pt II

March 31, 2010

Here it is, the character portrait work in progress.

As we walked up the steps that both looked and felt as if they would break under our weight, we already knew where we would find Theresa.  There she was, lying on a couch so dirty and old that I couldn’t tell the original color from the grime and stains.  She was wearing khakis, a black and white long-sleeved flannel, and nearly-black socks on her feet.  Theresa was still in her thirties, but her shoulder length curly hair already had streaks of grey that matched the wrinkles in her face.  She looked about twice her age, but that’s what happens when you live a hard life.   Before walking closer to the couch I looked around the room.  Instantly I saw the four cans of Keystone that were open on the coffee table.  On the ground by her head was a five gallon bucket  with bloody liquid.  She said she had been puking up blood, but this looked more like bloody water.  Nothing had changed, except for the color of her eyes and skin, that is.  Her eyes had turned a light shade of yellow, and her skin had an almost glowing yellow tinge to it.  She looked like I would break her if I even tried to pick her up; it was obvious that she was exhausted and wouldn’t be moving on her own.  She moved her head slightly to focus on us as we surrounded her couch, but because she knew what was coming she waved her hand to brush us away, her arm looking like a small stick poking out of her sleeve.  Tubbs kneeled by her head, patted her shoulder, and like an exasperated parent said, “Theresa, if you keep this up, you’re gonna die, and I’m not taking you to the hospital after this.”  She closed her eyes and sighed, saying, “I know… I know.”


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