Reading, reading…

March 26, 2010

If there is one thing that this Spring Break has been good for, it has been reading.  As if I don’t read enough in school.  But really, I don’t.  At least not in the way that I enjoy reading.  I had that Fall Quarter, with English 3; I could sit around and read a short story or a novel and truly enjoy it, get into it, just get lost in the literature.  I didn’t have that privilege this past quarter, but I’m hoping to regain it as I have this Spring Break.  True, a good portion of my reading done was from textbooks that are too big for their own good, however I have been able to sneak in some reading that has truly been for pleasure.  And if you don’t mind, I would love to share just a little bit with you.

A friend of mine recently recommended the book The People of Paper to me.  We were discussing good literature and fiction and reading likes and dislikes over a pesto and pepperoni pizza, and he says, “I’ve got a book for you: The People of Paper“.  He went on to describe exactly the type of novel that I would love to read.  It has different points of view, magical realism, an almost meta-fiction type of story line, and plot elements so bizarre that I would be hooked just from the sheer “What the hell was that?” factor.  So what do I do? I don’t copy down the author or the book title.  But I did go looking for it on Amazon a few days later, and I was lucky enough to find it.  I believe I searched paper person, or something to that effect.  But I knew it when I saw it, and I saw that it had 4.5 stars or so.  I clicked and began to read the descriptions and reviews.   I was sold the instant I saw “A man performs cunnilingus on a woman made of paper and gets a papercut on his mouth and tongue…”.  I needed to go no further.  And now I’m reading it, and I am entranced.

What strikes me the most about this particular novel, though, is that the author manages to inject his own life, verbatim for all I know, into the story.  As basically a tangent.  But it’s not out of place.  It’s hard to truly describe without giving away too much, but suffice it to say that the author describes himself and what was either a state of mind and emotion before or during the writing of the novel, and in doing so both leaves the plot alone and furthers the plot at the same time.  Intrigued? You should be.  If it helps to make more sense, the author is also a character in the story, as the author.  His name is Saturn, who is omniscient and recognized as the decider of fate and the writer of a story.  A character goes to find Saturn and discovers Salvador Plascencia, the name of the author.  When this happens, the story focuses on the author, not on the story, but only because the author is already in the story.  Not to mention that there are people made of paper and magical realism everywhere in the story.  I have a feeling that I’ll be writing about this more.

It is things like this that make me want to write.  This and things I read that friends have written.  It puts that fire into me and makes me want to sit down and just unleash a story.  And I have more than enough ideas ( I think), I just haven’t put the story down.  But I will, this quarter. As a matter of fact, I wrote something about my hometown as part of a writing exercise, and after I clean it up and give it purpose, I’m going to put it here, just in case anyone actually reads my ramblings.

But until then, I’ll be finishing my reading and, soon enough (Monday), school work.  Some Spring Break.


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