The Reason For The Season

December 26, 2009

Only a day late.  Well, not really.  I’ve had this particular entry in draft form for a few days while I tried to hash out my thoughts on the holidays and Christmas and the real origins of Christmas and such.  I decided to trash it.  Here’s why:

I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with mostly just my Dad and Stepmom and my grandparents.  One Grandparent each day.  And despite all of the things I think about Christmas and it’s origins and how people regard it and everything, there’s only one thing I want to or even need to say about the Reason for The Season.

The Reason is to be with the ones that you love during a cold and dark season, to be happy and joyful, and to enjoy the time that you have with them.

And I’ll leave you with that.  I hope you all had happy holidays with the ones that you love.


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