It’s Been Cold

December 10, 2009

Like, below freezing cold.  It’s made for some interesting times, what with walking around campus and all.  I’ve tried to make a game out of not becoming hypothermic.  So far, I’m winning, but there are still two days of finals to go, and this two more opportunities for me to turn blue.  I don’t know about you, but I think that having little icicles on my nose might be kind of interesting/fun. Just saying.

I tried to submit a blog post on Tuesday, in between my finals.  I got the WordPress app for the iPhone, and I was writing up this nice little post about stuff that I had been thinking about, and I go to post it and… gone.  Not cool.  And right before a test, too.  Oh well.  I’ll recap a little of it before I move on.

I had been walking around The Arboretum while everything was still frozen, and I was just thinking about this past quarter and stress and life in general.  I mean, this quarter has gone both incredibly fast and painfully slow.  A weird duality of time.  I really noticed it while walking around The Arboretum, as I haven’t been there since the first three weeks of school or so.  Everything has changed so much since the quarter began.  Instead of wearing T-shirts and shorts I’m wearing as many layers as possible so that I don’t lose an appendage or two.  Instead of green trees and beautiful flowers there are colored leaves littering the ground and frozen grass.  But life still goes on.  This has only been one quarter, and I’ve had so many highs and lows in this one quarter.  And I still have 11 more of these to go.  Plus however many more years of school I have to face after that.  That’s a very long time.  But I know I can make it, because I have my ways to keep me moving.

The Arboretum is one of my favorite places to go on campus, and for a few reasons.  It allows me to get away from all of the people and the bikes and the noise and the buildings and just be around trees and flowers and ducks and a stream.  There’s something great about that.  I can just sit and watch a flock of ducks or geese while studying, or just walk around and take everything in.  It’s powerful, and it’s wonderfully de-stressing.  Walking around campus doesn’t help with that, but that extra few steps into the Arboretum just changes everything.  Plus, there’s the life that’s everywhere.  It’s like Biology Central, at least if you choose to see it that way. Maybe by being a Bio Nerd it’s just how I see it.  And it’s little things like watching the squirrels or the ducks that keep me going in school.  I like finding those signs that I’m studying the right subject.

I think I’ll try to make time to get away to de-stress next quarter.  At least every so often.  It’s good for me.  I think it really helps.

In other news, I have a final in the morning and one Friday morning.  And then I get to make my way home.  I can’t wait for the quarter to be over at this point.  It needs to go faster!

I haven’t been up on the news, but rest assured that I’ll be keeping up with it soon enough, and that when I do, I’ll be giving my two cents.

Until then…


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