December 8, 2009

I haven’t had time to post anything on here in awhile, but I would certainly like to change that.  I think that it’s possible I was trying to force myself to do something and to make a noteworthy blog.  Why? I should just talk about what I’m passionate about, no matter what the topic, and run with it.  And so that is where this post begins:

Expect to see plenty about Evolution, on-going discussions, and current events that are related to religion or Atheism, and a smattering of posts about life.  If I have something that I can just go and rant in, or that I can give examples in, or that I can just go and type away my thoughts, I’ll be more inclined to keep posting.  And that’s the idea.  A steady place that I can do a brain dump into is exactly what I need.

So for Evolution: I’m currently reading Richard Dawkins’ latest, The Greatest Show On Earth. It’s brilliant.  I’ve also been arguing the case for Evolution to various Creationists, and it’s propelling me towards Grad School in Biology.  Perhaps I’ll thank Creationists everywhere after I get my Ph.D.

On-going Discussions: There’s been a discussion brewing on Facebook that involves myself, a few other Atheist friends of mine from school, and about three Street Preachers.  It’s beyond frustrating, to say the least.  I’ll probably try to put up a few posts so that the back and forth can be seen.

Current Events in Atheism:  The War On Christmas is here again! And Fox News is getting more and more anti-Atheist.  I’ll be providing examples in the next few days.

My Life: Finals week.  That’s about all that I can say.

Don’t worry, the blog won’t keep this format; I was just using that to run down quickly all categories.

More to come over the next few days. Please stay tuned!


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