I’ve been saying this for a while

December 8, 2009

Those Anti-Atheist laws that exist in 9 states were going to cause problems.  Ask my friends and my congressmen and women, because I’ve told all of them.  But what response do I normally get?

“You shouldn’t worry about it, man.  Those are probably from a different time.  No one would even try to apply those now!”


An Atheist named Cecil Bothwell ran for City Council in Asheville, North Carolina, and he won.  And now it’s being challenged on the basis of what the state constitution says.

I really hope that this gets challenged in court.  Better yet,  hope this gets taken to the Supreme Court.  Because this type of constitutional discrimination is both sickening and wrong.  Anybody want to bet that people will fight to keep these articles in various state constitutions?  How about a large percent of the population? How about calls to add such things to the US Constitution? I don’t doubt it for a second.

What can we do about it? Write letters, emails, make phone calls… anything to raise awareness and to try to overturn such ridiculous laws.  I’ve written my Congressmen and women and even President Obama about this issue.  So far, only Senator Feinstein has replied.  But that shouldn’t stop anyone.


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