Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, Communism… Which one is it?

September 13, 2009

So to all the Tea Partiers out there, I pose to you this question: Which political ideology is Obama, and why can no one on the right agree on this point?

To me, it’s simple. Obama is a Liberal Capitalist. Perhaps a slightly Hawkish Liberal Capitalist, but a Liberal Capitalist just the same. But he is definitely none of the ideologies people like Glenn Beck would have you believe. Glenn Beck and his followers would have you believe that he is all of them; that these words are interchangeable and are all evil and must be eradicated OR ELSE. Or else what? Let me assure you, should Obama suddenly say “Gotcha!” and go full force towards Communism, I’ll buy it, and I would do all I could to help stop it. But until then, I see no reason to believe that, and furthermore, I want Tea Partiers and Right Wingers in general to educate themselves in politics and government before they try to become Posterboard Pundits. Here we go:

Communism is a political ideology that strives for a classless state. The word Communism is derived from the idea that everything will be communal in a perfect Communist state. Now I would like to point out that while Communism is pretty on paper, it has yet to work on any stage larger than a small village. Reason number 1 being that people are people, and thus naturally lazy and looking for a way to get over. Even if 90% of people work hard, you’ll still have that one guy who’s standing off towards the side doing nothing. Probably one of the Right Wing guys who always point out that under Communism there are no incentives to work hard. Communism can be considered socialist in many ways, mostly because under Communism everything is supplied by the government. In fact, Communism is probably the last stop on the left wing of the political spectrum where there is any socialism whatsoever, as the only place to go from there is towards Anarchism; I know, it sounds weird that you would go from Communism to Anarchy, but they are both to the left.

Marxism is Communism, but not necessarily Communism as we have seen played out globally. Cuba and the Soviet Union were Leninists and then Stalinists, which are based on the principles of Marxism. China is Maoist, and then other Asian countries can fall into almost any category if not their own. Marxism = Communism, just not observed Communism. Which is what makes it slightly wrong to use the two interchangeably, but mostly just because of the connotation. People hear Communism and their minds jump immediately to Evil Soviets, the Hammer and Sickle, Mass Murders, Siberian Work Camps, and then to China and Tienamen Square. Obviously not what people want. In the case of most political discussions and debates, Communism itself refers more to Stalinist  principles than to Marxist or Leninist principles, thus making the two different, even if only slightly.

I won’t go into Socialism here, except to note that Nazism has nothing to do with Socialism. The fact that Nazi comes from the Original German for National Socialist German Worker’s Party is the only link between the two, and the Socialism part of that is not the Socialism that Obama is accused of and that Communism and Liberalism embrace. Also, while I’m on this topic, Liberalism will never embrace pure socialism, as it has never worked (see Communism). However, forms of Socialism work very well, as in Sweden, for example. Free Healthcare, Free schooling, to include College and Professional Schools, free everything. Swedish citizens are very well taken care of under a Socialist system that still maintains a Capitalist underpinning, and they do this while having the best Healthcare and Education in the world. Oh my, look at how horribly Socialism fails. Except for when it’s implemented correctly.

Fascism is a very right wing ideology. Don’t believe me? Go look it up on Wikipedia. Go on, I’ll wait. Now, if you read through it, I’m assuming you were looking at the principles of Fascism and saying “Dear God, it sounds almost like hardcore Right Wingers!” That’s because Fascism IS hardcore Right Wing! It’s often pointed out that George W. Bush’s grandfather was part of an American Fascist movement. He espoused certain fascists ideals, especially after September 11th and during OEF/OIF. Let’s run down the primary principles of Fascism, shall we? Nationalism. Instead of focusing on class struggles, fascism focuses on national struggles. Here it particularly embraces Social Darwinism to advocate the furthering a one’s nation and that nation’s dominance and exceptionality. Opposition to immigrants can be prevalent. National pride and national unity are major virtues in a fascist state. Sound familiar? What about objection to Abortion, Birth Control, and Genocide. Why, that’s what the Tea Partiers are objecting to now, isn’t it? What about the objection to Multiculturalism? Tea Parties, Tea Parties, Tea Parties! Opposition to homosexuality, and the list goes on. Corporate based economies. Not Capitalism, to be sure, but definitely not Communism, either. Fascism is probably the ideological antithesis to Obama’s beliefs and policies. To call him Fascist is to call him… well, a Right Winger. And yet he is surprisingly absent from the Tea Party protests. Unless, of course, you count all of the pictures of him as Chairman Mao, as Stalin, and as Hitler. The endless Hitler comparisons are funny, as well, to anyone who knows anything about history and politics. Nazi’s hate Communists as much as Fascists do. And yet so many signs will have a picture of Obama with a Hitler moustache and then call him a Communist in the same breath. Hitler is rolling in his grave every time this is done. And of course let us not forget that putting Hitler moustaches on Barney Frank and Rahm Emanuel is beyond ironic, but is deeply insulting. Barney Frank being a homosexual Jew and Rahm Emanuel being Jewish. The only way it could be more appropriate is if Barney Frank were also a Gypsy and a Jehova’s Witness, and possibly black.

So, Tea Partiers, I ask you again, which one is Obama?

Before I close this up, I’ll leave you with a collection of photos from the 9/12 Protest. Please, those of you on the Right, make no attempt to stay classy or even attempt to be unoffensive or educated, or all three, even.

Next time I’ll talk about the protest itself, and what I feel is wrong with the entire concept. Until then, stay safe and sane.


3 Responses to “Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, Communism… Which one is it?”

  1. bassackwards Says:

    You mean the kind of classy the liberals showed during the Bush administration? That kind of classy?

    Bush sucked. Obama is suckiness on steroids. I don’t agree with many of the signs. But, the administration continues to ignore the tea parties and marginalize the people who attend them. BIG MISTAKE.

    Add ACORN brothels, Van Jones, etc. and the picture only gets worse.

  2. Eric Lowe Says:

    Well, as soon as I see evidence of a majority of liberals using the death of a Republican statesman as a rhetorical device and protesting tool, then you can compare the two. Granted, a number of liberal protesters have shown a lack of class, but not on the level that many Tea Partiers have.

    By ignoring them he’s refusing to lend them any credence, which is what you should do with people who are on the fringe. Once you give them attention, they take advantage of it and you give them credibility, which they really lack as of now. For comparison, look at how Richard Dawkins refuses to debate Ray Comfort on Evolution. It’s not because he’s scared, as Ray Comfort says. It’s because were he to debate him, he would be giving him credibility. In effect he would be saying “Your arguments are good enough that I have to face them and argue them”, when in fact they are no where close. Same thing here. The Tea Partiers arguments aren’t worthy of being argued against because they are ignorant and inane.

    Van Jones? I’m assuming that you’re referring to his only misstep of signing a Truther petition. Because that’s the only legitimate complaint against the man that stems from relevant and current information about him.

  3. Kurt Says:

    They hated Clinton too, but their hatred for Obama is much deeper because racism is involved.

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